Mission and Vison

Our vision is to be recognize as a No. 1 die cutting company in the world that offers high quality product and services.

We strive to implement the following 3 mottoes:

“Gaining the goal of customer satisfaction” Bringing satisfaction to our customers through our work brings us joy.

“We strive to conquer every challenge” Keep the spirit of conquering every challenge “to not always follow the available action path or methods but to try and experience new directions”.

“We always adapt quickly and promptly deal with irregular changes” To keep up with rapidly changing times, we implement independent

and multi-dimensional thinking; we focus on building a team that continuously develops under any circumstance.

International Strategy

Currently, we have built the business and production system with the factories and offices in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Chubu, Hirosima  along with our overseas branches in Vietnam and Thailand and Philippine. We define our long-term goal as to expand overseas operations and to expand our business globally. On this basis, we are now developing our enterprise based on trust from our customers, high technical competence, quality services and the most competitive prices.

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